City of Needles, CA Reaches Agreement for Lease of Vehicles

Date: March 24, 2020

Author: Saul A. Flores

Location: Needles, California

"NEEDLES — The city of Needles agreed to enter an agreement with Enterprise Fleet Management, Inc., for the lease of nine light-duty vehicles not to exceed an annual payment of $57,010.76.

An Enterprise representative, who was at the meeting, stated that the parties had looked at 14 but through fine-tuning the program to fit the city’s budget and identifying the vehicles that the staff had pointed out, the nine-vehicle total was reached.

The background information provided by city staff states that to ensure the best use of public funds and resources, staff analyzed alternative vehicle replacement programs. City staff concluded that the city’s vehicles are aged, in poor condition and missing current safety features now required in vehicles. 

The background information stated that a five-year replacement cycle best suits the city’s needs. The program could be addressed best through an “open-ended” lease structure which would allow the city to replace more vehicles with less upfront capital."


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