Chester County’s Fleet Management Program Drives $1.3M in Savings Since 2016

Date: August 18, 2023

Publication: MyChesCo

Location: West Chester, PA

“Chester County Government has realized approximately $1.3 million in savings since moving to the Enterprise Fleet Management Program just over six years ago. The move to the fleet management program, with the fleet leased rather than owned, also means that the County’s 130 leased vehicles are newer, safer and more fuel efficient.

According to the report provided to the County by Enterprise Fleet Management, the original 10-year projected savings to the County was nearly achieved in five years.

Julie Bookheimer, Chief Financial Officer for Chester County, said, “In addition to the ongoing cost savings and benefits resulting from fleet management leasing, the County is benefiting from the current demand for used vehicles. The sale of some of our first-generation leases is allowing the County to recover a great deal of the cost we incurred for the leased vehicle. In one recent instance, the vehicle sale actually resulted in an equity gain.”

The Fleet Management Program allows Chester County’s finance staff to monitor maintenance, fuel usage, and overall vehicle utilization to ensure the best use of each vehicle in the fleet.

The County expects to save an additional $2 million in fleet vehicle costs over the next four years.”