Ways to protect your fleet during hurricane season

The 2021 Atlantic hurricane season lasts from June 1 through November 30. In recent years, hurricanes left businesses with increasing damage costs.  What can fleets do to protect drivers and valuable assets?

To start, Fleet Managers should stay up to date and have a reliable source for weather updates and forecast predictions

It is known that the impact of hurricanes impacts fleet navigation, fuel access and interrupts supply chains.

Hurricanes often create a situation for people and businesses where there is no room for error. For business owners, this means knowing where your vehicles are. Telematics programs are crucial and can be an incredible asset to your fleet when preparing for storm impact. 

Companies should also consider if they qualify or can use relief resources provided through Manheim, a Cox Enterprises division can access Cox Employee Relief Fund (CERF) which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance to team members with unexpected needs resulting from a disaster.

Other ways to protect your fleet, ahead of being prepared is to connect with FMCs and vendors like WEX to source tips including moving vehicles to higher ground, driving out of the impact area or finding secure locations to store vehicles during the inclement weather event. 

Finding ways to secure communication with drivers and operators in the impacted zone can help employees stay safe. 

Companies should also be aware of the present and continued danger in the post-inclement weather area. Flooding, downed powerlines and other impacts can result in delays to service and recovery efforts.  

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