Fleet Management Program Saves Pest Control Company Thousands During Company Growth


Location: Idaho Falls, ID

Industry: Pest Control

Total vehicles: 68 vehicles

URL: https://pointepest.com/


Pointe Pest began rapidly growing and expanded to three different states, which out-paced their ability to acquire vehicles efficiently. Additionally, the operating expenses increased with the age of the fleet. Pointe Pest needed a solution that could assist with all aspects of managing a fleet, allowing their company administrators to spend more time running the core business.


Pointe Pest partnered with Enterprise Fleet Management and together, they developed a proactive vehicle replacement plan. Utilizing Enterprise's infrastructure allowed Pointe Pest to lower acquisition costs and deliver vehicles efficiently. Enterprise's Full Maintenance program enabled Pointe Pestto accurately budget for maintenance costs eliminating the time Pointe Pest was spending negotiating and making maintenance decisions. Enterprise's strength in remarketing vehicles helped maximize resale values while staying in line with the ebbs and flows of the pest control industry. The local Enterprise Fleet Management account team provides ongoing vehicle analysis and industry updates. Enterprise is the core support system for Pointe Pest's expanding fleet.


Leveraging Enterprise's infrastructure, Pointe Pest has grown their fleet and their business from 28 to 68 vehicles in just two years. The company sold their aging vehicles for an average of 12.6% above industry average. Pointe Pest has decreased their average maintenance spend by $0.25 per mile, saving $2,500 per vehicle annually. Fuel and Maintenance is now being tracked on a regular basis to proactively manage the fleet. Outsourcing fleet management to Enterprise Fleet Management has allowed the operations manager, sales manager, and owner to get back to running the core pest control business.

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