Kroeschell, Inc. reduces vehicle expenses by 10%.


Location: Arlington Heights, IL

Industry: Engineering and Construction

Total vehicles: 99 vehicles



Prior to working with Enterprise Fleet Management, Kroeschell, Inc. had no consistent method of acquiring, financing or equipping vehicles. Without a dedicated fleet manager, management was plagued with frequent maintenance issues that arose from keeping vehicles on the road until the cost of repairs became too high.


Kroeschell worked with Enterprise to develop a vehicle replacement cycling plan, which included maintenance and risk management to allow for better control and consolidation. At the same time, management sought to decrease its involvement and increase consistency between fleet vehicles to improve the company’s public image. The company chose to lease all of its fleet through a finance buyout, including the maintenance and fuel management programs. Management also chose a plan to cycle the entire fleet within three years to consolidate billing and reporting, while ordering vehicles directly from the manufacturer annually to increase cash flow for future expansion.


Within three years, the entire fleet had been cycled. The amount of time invested by management had been reduced and the new vehicle replacement plan lowered overall vehicle costs by 10%. In addition, downtime for repairs was significantly decreased, while employee satisfaction improved along with the company’s public image.

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