Inyo County saves $83K immediately in maintenance costs


Location: Bishop, California

Industry: Municipality

Total vehicles: 155 vehicles



The County of Inyo had a limited capital budget which made it difficult to replace motor pool vehicles. The County was operating an aged fleet and drivers had to travel far distances to reach the nearest, preferred maintenance facility. Based on unplanned costs and a lot of driver downtime, the County started looking for an alternative to help with vehicle leasing and maintenance services.


Enterprise Fleet Management responded to an RFP and demonstrated an understanding of the County’s needs. By partnering with Enterprise, the County was able to acquire new vehicles and update the condition and reliability of its fleet. The newer vehicles immediately reduced the County’s maintenance expenses and lowered fuel costs by providing high fuel efficiency vehicles. Enterprise monitors all maintenance costs with the Maintenance Management Program, eliminating unnecessary repairs and over-priced services. Additionally, with a wide network of local shops throughout the County, drivers are always in close proximity to maintenance services. 


The County has experienced significant savings since implementing the Enterprise Fleet Management program, reducing maintenance expenses by $83,000 and decreasing fuel expenses by 24%. Inyo County depends on Enterprise from the acquisition of new vehicles to the resale of older vehicles, streamlining the entire process and increasing employee productivity.

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