How Hendry County Went from "No New Vehicles" to Adding 21 New Trucks in One Year.

The Hendry County Sheriff's Office - a longtime Enterprise Fleet Management Client - faced budget challenges putting their fleet in a holding pattern. 


Enterprise Fleet Management worked closely with their team and outlined a strategic approach that freed them to add vehicles to their fleet, upgrading vehicles in a surprising way - all while reducing fleet costs. 


Here's how it happened 

"No New Vehicles, We Don't Have the Budget"

At the beginning of the year, Hendry County officials told Enterprise, "We're not going to order any new vehicles." It simply wasn't in their budget. 


The Enterprise Client Strategy Manager met the team from the Sheriff's Office to help them see a better way forward for their fleet. Enterprise's approach combined market insights with deep industry expertise. 

"We started with a look at their existing fleet - and found their fleet was made up of aging sedans and they weren't quite up to the task of serving the public." 

The Enterprise Fleet Management team looked at vehicle usage, mileage and anticipated maintenance. The team also discovered the fleet's very low projected resale values. All of these factors led the Enterprise Fleet Management team to a surprising recommendation for the Hendry County Sheriff's Office. 

"It's Time for an Upgrade"


Vehicles Added





The projected strong resale market for pickup trucks drove a chance for the Hendry County Sheriff's Office to bring new vehicles into its fleet - and to improve driver satisfaction. 


Selecting the right vehicles involves looking at more than the upfront lease or purchase prices. The Enterprise Fleet Management team encouraged the Sheriff's Office to look at long-term costs like maintenance, and even at the eventual resale and replacement values. 

Enterprise charted a course that helped the Sheriff's Department upgrade their sedans to pickup trucks and add 21 new vehicles to the fleet, which made drivers very happy. All while spending less than the previous year, which made the county and its residents happy, too. 

Strong relationships with manufacturers helped Enterprise connect Hendry County with valuable purchase incentives, sweetening the deal, even further.  

"A Proactive Fleet Approach has Led to Happier Drivers, and a very satisfied client"

The strategic replacement and resale strategy for the Hendry County Sheriff's Office led to significant savings. Officers also loved the move to newer, larger vehicles that helped them do their jobs better. 


The shift in thinking from a reactive approach to one that times vehicle replacement based on market trends helped the Hendry County's Sheriff's Office move beyond budget restrictions and still grow its fleet. More flexible lease terms ensure drivers can use the trucks they need to. Plus, instead of driving small cars until they have no value left, the new terms allow the county to cycle trucks more often, capturing maximum resale values that can be reinvested in the fleet. 

Financing Infographic: Build a Better Fleet - Start with Vehicle Financing

Download the white paper.

When deciding to partner with a Fleet Management Company, many organizations have questions about the differences between financing and vehicle lease options.

"This is Not a one-time thing"

The savings from their vehicle program has continued for the Hendry County Sheriff's Office. Every year, Hendry's Enterprise Fleet Management Client Strategy Manager meets with the team and continues to make program adjustments and identify opportunities for improvement. 


The local Client Strategy Manager and team are never content standing still. Instead, the Enterprise team is always helping the Hendry County Sheriff's Office find new ways to look at how their drivers are using their vehicles - and how their fleet could serve the needs of the community even better. 

This long-term strategic approach to their vehicles, rather than a reactive view, will continue to deliver real results, sustainably for Hendry County for years to come. 

Are you missing key opportunities to improve your fleet - and better server your customers or community? Are you spending more than you should on your fleet of vehicles? Enterprise Fleet Management can help you find out. 

See the difference the right fleet strategy could make for your organization. 

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