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Fleet Selection & Acquisition

The sheer volume of choices can make fleet vehicle selection a daunting task. There are roughly 2,200 different series of vehicles and constantly changing incentives each year.

Enterprise Fleet Management works directly with you to find exactly what you need without spending extra on unnecessary options and upgrades when you buy fleet vehicles—ensuring that you get precisely the right vehicles and equipment packages, at the lowest possible cost.

  • Select from an unlimited inventory of vehicles
  • Receive only necessary features and options
  • Choose from a variety of manufacturers

With our deep manufacturer relationships, you get access to factory-direct vehicle ordering—including the best-available incentives—on fleet cars, trucks or vans. We make delivery simple, handling any aftermarket additions or customizations you need.


Achieving the best resale value is often overlooked in managing the total cost of a company fleet. Working through our national network of fleet resale experts (who sell more than 1 million vehicles annually), the Enterprise Fleet Management team helps turn the vehicle disposal process to your advantage.

  • Enterprise is the largest reseller of vehicles
  • 84% of the Enterprise fleet is sold locally, to dealers
  • Other fleet management companies sell the large majority of vehicles through auction, with high auction fees and lower resale values
  • Vehicle resale equity is returned to your company

The Enterprise Fleet Management team takes all the headaches out of the fleet resale process. We handle transport, vehicle prep, sale negotiations, plus all the paperwork. Our goal is the same as yours: to simplify fleet disposal, while maximizing value and delivering the quickest possible turnaround.


Improve your cash flow by establishing your own line of credit with us. You’ll free up capital to invest in your business and receive a custom financing plan based on your holding period and mileage.


Through multiple selling channels, Enterprise Fleet management sells more used fleet vehicles than any other company in North America. Take advantage of our resale services to list your fleet vehicles for sale and get the highest return quickly and efficiently.


Reduce downtime with our streamlined maintenance process, utilizing our nationwide network of 65,000 service centers and accredited team of ASE certified technicians.


Track fleet vehicles, set limits and find the cheapest fuel to provide convenience for your drivers and the controls you need to drive down cost.


Real-time logistical data pinpoints every detail of fleet vehicles to identify areas that can be improved upon, optimizing productivity and efficiency.


Handle fleet vehicle accident claims quickly with risk management services that are available 24/7


Our programs handle license and registration for fleet vehicles to ensure you will meet every regulation without investing personal time.