Lowering Fleet Vehicle Expenses

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Fleet Vehicle Expenses

Better insights into fleet vehicle expenses can drive exceptional savings. Enterprise Fleet Management offers an expert way to evaluate:

  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Model & equipment packages
  • OEM incentives
  • Fuel economy
  • Warranty performance
  • Resale value

Count on Enterprise’s experience and analytical tools to help you choose the right fleet vehicles at the lowest total cost – without sacrificing safety or productivity.


Professional advice and assistance pays many dividends in the fleet vehicle acquisition process. Enterprise Fleet Management works on your behalf to:

  • Proactively plan fleet needs
  • Select the right vehicle for your business needs
  • Obtain best-available OEM incentives
  • Assist with factory ordering
  • Customize options / option packages

Best-practices drive down the cost of each vehicle you acquire— reducing initial fleet costs. In addition, the Enterprise Fleet Management account team works with you to expertly manage the process of taking vehicles in and out of service so there is minimal effort needed from your staff.

Enterprise will also coordinate all aftermarket equipment to make sure your fleet vehicles are up-fitted properly upon delivery – including but not limited to:

  • Branding and/or promotional decals
  • Bin and shelving packages for cargo vans
  • Ladder racks for trucks and vans
  • Bed liners and tool boxes for pickup trucks
  • Lighting needs for job sites and road safety
  • Dry freight boxes for delivery trucks
  • Service bodies for pickup trucks
  • Computer mounts and organizational supplies for the cab of trucks and vans

Enterprise will coordinate anything from a simple decal to measuring and installing a crane on the back of a truck.


Enterprise Fleet Management offers flexible financing programs – tailored to the budgeting needs of your business, whether you pay cash, finance or lease. Finance fleet vehicles without impacting your existing line of credit, strengthening your cash flow position.

By taking the time to understand how your business operates, we can work with you to develop a customized financing and vehicle replacement plan that optimizes your financial position and in-service periods for fleet vehicles.


Resale expertise is an important (and often overlooked) element of reducing fleet expenses. Backed by decades of experience—and well-developed sales channels that help us move over one million vehicles annually—Enterprise Fleet Management can help you beat industry benchmarks by up to 10% as your fleet vehicles are cycled out of service.

Our vehicle resale professionals work with you to determine the right time to sell and obtain the highest price. We can even offer turnkey fleet resale services, if desired:

  • Add as much equity back into the investment as possible.
  • Plan and coordinate the best time to sell with industry experts.
  • Receive optimal exposure through multiple resale channels to receive the best possible resale price.
  • Maximize vehicle value with rapid sale process.


Keeping track of all the transactions that make up your total cost of ownership and setting up the procedures to monitor them is not easy. Enterprise offers the systems and the expertise to represent your company’s checkbook to not only save you money, but allow your team to focus on what is most important – your customers.


Tracking and analysis of your fleet’s operations day-to-day and throughout its entire lifecycle gives you confidence that you are making the right decisions to operate at the lowest possible cost.


Enterprise has been helping the needs of local and state municipalities as well as the nonprofit community for over 55 years. We understand the needs of your organization and are committed to assisting you in the management and reduction of core expenses, freeing up cash to invest in the people you serve.


Many businesses choose to offer their employees an allowance or mileage reimbursement to avoid having to manage company vehicles. Enterprise not only helps you evaluate your options to see the most cost effective approach, but offers you a fleet manager who handles all the details of managing your vehicles, eliminating the need for you to add staff.