Fleet Management Services in California

Fleet Management Company in California


Enterprise Fleet Management in California provides a variety of fleet sales and services for all types of companies. Lower your expenses while our experts assist with the process of managing your fleet cars, trucks or vans.

Our California fleet management company offers fleet vehicle sales, financing, leasing, maintenance, repairs, tracking and fuel management. Enterprise will analyze your needs and find the right solutions to manage your fleet vehicles.


Enterprise Fleet Management Company

Vehicle Fleet Services in CA


Enterprise Fleet Management can help you buy or lease a fleet of cars and trucks at the most cost-effective price. Our fleet management company will negotiate the best purchase price and find incentives for vehicle acquisitions for the lowest possible cost.


Improve your cash flow by establishing a company line of credit with Enterprise Fleet Management. Free up your capital to invest back in your business, and receive a custom fleet financing plan based on your vehicle holding period and mileage.


Take advantage of Enterprise's established resale process to sell your vehicles quickly and efficiently at the best possible price. Enterprise sells more used vehicles than all other fleet management companies in California.


Reduce vehicle downtime by using a streamlined fleet maintenance and repair process with a network of fleet service centers staffed with certified technicians.


Manage fleet fuel usage and find the cheapest fuel to control the costs of your car fleet or truck fleet services, while providing convenience for your drivers.


Real-time fleet GPS tracking allows fleet companies to track vehicle operations and identify trends and data that can be improved to optimize the efficiency and safety of fleet trucks and cars.