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The Importance of Maintaining a Brand Image

The Potential Role of Company Vehicles. A white paper that shows how branding is a broad-based endeavor employed to enhance business value.

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The Impact of Debt and Leverage

The Impact of Debt and Leverage on the Valuation of a Business — How Company Vehicles can influence Business Valuation. This white paper will help you better understand that a firm’s cost of capital plays a critical role in assessing the value of a business.

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Free Cash Flow

The “Lifeline” of Business. The Impact to Free Cash Flow of Company Vehicles. A while paper that shows how free cash flow is an important measure for any business.

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Driving the Bottom Line

Environmental Impact Supports Case for Company-Owned Fleets versus Driver Reimbursement. This white paper is based on 2008 report from the American Automotive Leasing Association (AALA) entitled “Energy and Environmental Benefits: Managed Fleets vs. Driver Reimbursement.”

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