Case Study: St. Louis Board of Education

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Fleet Management Case Study


Managed vehicle program saves St. Louis Board of Education more than $80,000 in just two years.



Location: St. Louis, MO
Industry: School District
Total vehicles: 79 vehicles


With an aging fleet of vehicles ranging from one to twenty-one years old, the St. Louis Board of Education was losing precious dollars from its budget to a fleet that was costly to maintain and not environmentally friendly.


The school district came to Enterprise Fleet Management to shift focus back to educating students rather than managing a fleet of vehicles. The district sought to eliminate rarely used vehicles, increase the safety of its fleet, and develop a cycling plan to replace aging vehicles while addressing increasing maintenance and fuel costs.

“It is nice to have an ally in this area and know they are looking out for our best interests when managing the repair processes.”
Deanna Anderson

Together with Enterprise, the St. Louis Board of Education chose to cycle out older vehicles and replace them with more fuel efficient models. The district also opted for a replacement cycle that matched its funding period, while utilizing the Full Maintenance program and Fuel Management program to increase efficiency and simplify its budget.


In the first six months, the St. Louis Board of Education saved $3,000 through the Maintenance Management program. Within the first two years, the district had saved more than $80,000 in acquisition costs for its newer, more efficient fleet. When older vehicles were remarketed by Enterprise, the district received around $1,400 above market average per vehicle.


Key Results