Case Study: Springfield Electric Supply Co.

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Fleet Management Case Study


Springfield Electric Supply Co. combines two company vehicle programs to find financial and administrative savings.



Location: Illinois, Eastern Iowa, Northeast Missouri
Industry: Electrical Supply
Total vehicles: 100 vehicles


Springfield Electric Supply was managing two fleets: delivery trucks and vans, as well as vehicles for management and sales teams. The company was purchasing and negotiating delivery vehicles from the local dealer, while the management team was being supported with an online reimbursement program. As both fleets continued to grow, Springfield Electric Supply realized that it needed more support and expertise to efficiently run both fleets. The company was seeking a solution to help with vehicle purchasing, selection, implementation of after-market options, maintenance control and vehicle resale.


After an in depth analysis, Enterprise Fleet Management was able to reduce Springfield Electric Supply’s vehicle delivery costs through an existing purchasing agreement. They also realized it would be much more cost effective and efficient to provide company cars to the management team.

“Working with our account manager and the support team at Enterprise has been outstanding! The professionalism exhibited in servicing our account has also been very positive. Not only have there been large wins financially in coordinating the fleet purchases, the biggest win is the reduction of time by our staff in dealing with maintenance issues. The maintenance program is seamless. We had an added bonus by utilizing Enterprise to sell our vehicles as we entered into new leases. I am confident that the value of the trucks sold were much higher than what we had previously been able to negotiate. Thank you Enterprise for simplifying one part of our logistics!”
Randy Germeraad
Executive Chairman

Springfield Electric Supply employees were able to choose from vehicle options including cars, trucks and SUVs. By reorganizing the company’s fleet and utilizing Enterprise’s fuel and maintenance programs, the company has made its employees happy, while eliminating staff time and money on vehicle expenses.


Enterprise Fleet Management currently handles the acquisition, funding, maintenance, fuel, physical damage insurance, telematics, registration and title compliance, as well as the resale of vehicles for the entire Springfield Electric Supply fleet. Through vehicle resale alone, the company has benefited from over $201,000 in gains. The biggest benefit of the partnership is allowing Springfield Electric Supply to focus on what they do best while Enterprise Fleet Management to manages their fleet.


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