Case Study: Midland Care

Fleet Management Case Study


Midland Care saved $225,000 over three years from a managed fleet solution.



Location: Topeka, KS
Industry: Healthcare
Total vehicles: 33 vehicles


Midland Care was balancing rising vehicle reimbursement costs while maintaining its quality of services provided patients. Standard IRS mileage reimbursement rates had increased by 44 percent the last 10 years, making reimbursement of employees for use of their personal vehicles more expensive and unpredictable. Also, employees operating personal vehicles created an inconsistent image for the company and safety concerns. Members of upper management had to focus on fleet management instead of their core business.


Midland Care wanted to decrease expenses while improving employee satisfaction and recruiting efforts. Midland was able to implement a professionally managed company vehicle program, switching from mileage reimbursement to a leased vehicle program.

“Partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management was a smart business decision for us. They provide valuable fleet advice and reporting tools with exceptional customer service while supporting the mission of Midland Care. I would recommend Enterprise Fleet Management to anyone.”
Marilyn Keyser
Chief Financial Officer

Overall operating costs were reduced through managed maintenance, risk management and fuel programs.


By switching to a leased vehicle program, Midland Care experienced approximately $75,000 in savings each year for three years. This program also freed up Midland Care’s own line of credit to focus on supporting their mission. The ability to provide newer vehicles improved program driver productivity and morale.


Key Results