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Fleet Management Case Study


By switching to a professionally managed fleet program, Hospice by the Bay has saved $100,000.



Location: Larkspur, CA
Industry: Hospice Care
Total vehicles: 40 vehicles


Hospice By the Bay was reimbursing employees 0.55¢ per mile, which resulted in over $750,000 in reimbursement costs per year. The rising reimbursement expense, along with safety concerns, and an inconsistent company image as employees were driving personal cars, lead the company to consider a fleet of vehicles.


By partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management, Hospice by the Bay immediately saved 25% in vehicle expenses. Employees driving more than 12,000 miles per year were offered a more fuel efficient vehicle, such as a Ford Focus Hatchback, which reduced the company's expenses to an average of $0.36 per mile. The reduced per mile expense proved to be an extraordinary cost savings even when incorporating all vehicle expenses, such as depreciation, maintenance, and insurance for each vehicle.

“The fleet program was specifically designed to increase employee retention and recruitment, while helping us reduce our operating expenses, improve efficiencies, and maintain an attractive company benefit.”
Denis Viscek


Enterprise Fleet Management was able to save Hospice By the Bay over $100,000 per year, while also improving administrative efficiencies and employee retention. As the second oldest hospice company in the nation, the new fleet program has proven to be another key to this company's success.


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