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Fleet Management Case Study


Francis Drilling Fluids saved more than $67,000 on vehicle acquisition costs.



Location: Crowley, LA
Industry: Oil & Gas
Total vehicles: 100 vehicles


An aging fleet with steadily increasing mileage and no vehicle maintenance plan in place led to higher operating costs for Francis Drilling Fluids. The company purchased vehicles at the local dealerships, losing potential cost savings, and sold retired fleet to the public, wholesalers or employees, losing potential profits, as well.


Francis Drilling Fluids partnered with Enterprise Fleet Management to generate cost savings across the board. Development of a vehicle cycling plan lowers operating expenses. It also improves company image by standardizing the fleet with newer vehicles.

“We are pleased with the time savings but also the cost savings we have realized as well. Enterprise has helped reduce our overall fleet expenses and because of this, I would highly recommend Enterprise Fleet Management.”
Jude Gregory
CFO, Francis Drilling Fluids

The Full Maintenance Program provides better budgeting and control of maintenance expenses, which also improves tracking and reporting of vehicle expenses. For non-leased vehicles, the Maintenance Management Program was implemented to help monitor cost. Management decreased the time spent on their fleet, allowing them to focus on growing the company.


Leveraging Enterprise’s manufacturer relationships, Francis Drilling Fluids saved more than $67,000 in a two-year period by ordering direct from the manufacturer. Enterprise also manages maintenance, vehicle remarketing, registration, and rental needs. This allows Francis Drilling Fluid to spend less time focusing on their fleet and more time on their core business.


Key Results