Case Study: Custom Vault

Fleet Management Case Study


Custom Vault locks down $9,000 in annual maintenance savings.



Location: Bethel, CT
Industry: Security
Total vehicles: 125 vehicles


Experiencing a period of rapid growth, Custom Vault’s fleet manager often felt under-supported by its previous fleet management provider. In effect, the manager wound up self-managing a growing number of vehicles with little or no outside help. As a result, Custom Vault typically purchased fleet vehicles out of necessity, incurring high maintenance and fuel expenses, and ran an inefficient fleet that included many vehicles.


The situation changed significantly in 2010 when Custom Vault partnered with Enterprise Fleet Management. Working with the Enterprise team, Custom Vault adopted a proactive strategy. The company now plans ahead and factory-orders vehicles to reduce purchase costs, and maximize resale values by replacing vehicles at the optimal time. In addition, Custom Vault has saved time and money through several other Enterprise Fleet Management programs, including a budgeted full maintenance program, risk management program and the fuel card program.

“Over the past 6 ½ years Enterprise has been a true business partner. Our account management team strived to know our business and our vehicle requirements providing leadership to build the most efficient fleet mix and to suggest the appropriate future leases. They consistently delivered exceptional customer service in all areas from account management to maintenance management.”
Melissa Angi
Director of Sales and Operations


In one 12-month period, Custom Vault saved over $9,000 in maintenance costs. The company now averages over $4,000 in equity on each vehicle sold, while also enjoying the refreshed image of a newer company fleet. The partnership with Enterprise Fleet Management has helped boost employee morale, lower operating costs and free-up administrative time to allow employees to focus on the core business.


Key Results