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Fleet Telematics Tracking

With a small plug and play fleet telematics vehicle tracking device, you can keep an eye on your fleet from almost anywhere in real time. And by tracking a wealth of logistical data from the fleet telematics system, including GPS location, speed, fuel usage, engine performance and much more, you can make informed decisions about fuel management, route optimization and proactive maintenance.


Make proactive decisions in real time using fleet telematics GPS tracking software with easy-to-use resources. Fully customizable dashboard reports will help you keep tabs on your current dispatch situation and track long-term patterns, so you can plan ahead to streamline your operation.


Knowledge is power, and with simple installation, your fleet telematics system provides instant notifications and customizable dashboard reports, it’s never been easier to keep track of your vehicles. Fleet GPS tracking software is even available on third-party devices like smartphones and tablets, so you can monitor the status of your fleet vehicles on the go and ensure you never miss a beat.


  • Real-time fleet GPS vehicle tracking software
  • Speed and idle time monitoring system
  • Web-based fleet telematics tracking & reporting
  • Create driver rules and email alerts
  • Accelerometer data and accident detection
  • Engine data, including seatbelt usage
  • Intelligent real-time driver coaching
  • Custom alerts for driver behavior
  • Maintenance reminders and alerts
  • Automated IFTA recording


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