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Fleet Management Case Study


Sprig Electric realizes annual savings of nearly 10% with managed vehicle program.



Location: San Jose, CA
Industry: Construction Design
Total vehicles: 152 vehicles


With rising maintenance costs from an aging fleet, Sprig Electric was only able to replace vehicles after they required too many major repairs. The company’s non-uniform fleet was outdated and inefficient in a market with increasing demand for environmentally friendly business practices.


Sprig Electric worked with Enterprise Fleet Management to find an optimal Total Cost of Ownership for its vehicles. Together, they developed a proactive replacement plan to improve fuel economy and offset rising costs. The company also needed to find a perfect balance between fuel efficiency and power to meet the payload requirements of larger jobs, while still projecting a more eco-friendly image.

“Together, we forecast that our company would actually realize a monetary savings when considering the total cost to acquire, service and fuel our fleet. We can also budget with 100% certainty.”
Mike Jurewicz
COO, Sprig Electric

By negotiating directly through Enterprise with the manufacturer, Sprig Electric was able to secure greater incentives for volume purchases. The company also implemented a fuel card program for better tracking and fuel management, as well as a fixed cost maintenance program to increase preventative maintenance and lower the frequency of major repairs.


After implementing a managed vehicle program, Sprig Electric was able to drastically reduce the amount of administrative time spent managing the fleet. Measurable fuel data also helped the company save an average of 2.5 MPG across its fleet. In the end, the company was able to acquire a modern fleet that improved its public image at a lower cost than its previous fleet program.


Key Results